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This site is mostly filler at the moment since we now have the domain. If anyone wants to help with content/style, please contact me. If anyone has an a calendar they want me to add (IETF iCalendar format) please send it to me.

Depending on the platform you use, you can choose one of the following programs that I am told uses this format:

I've only tried the first three. I don't have enough information to recommend the last program.

If you would like to be contacted when the page becomes more complete, please fill out the following information. You may also sign-up for the Gurda Family mailing-list by sending a blank email to You will receive a confirmation message with further instructions. You will then need to be approved by a moderator (but you won't have to worry about this, it will be done automatically).

Email (user@domain.tld) Relative by: Birth Marriage Other
First Name Middle Initial Last Name

Birth Date (YYYY/MM/DD) / / Telephone number
Street Address
City State/etc. Country

I've been asked to collect information about your direct family, not including people who have already filled out one of these forms. It would be easier if you just filled out another form for everyone else, but if you have any extraneous data, you can put it below.

Family and Friends:

Family Contact
Family Pages
Web Mail
Front Page
PHP SysInfo


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